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Finally! A platform where a child's imagination meets cutting edge technology. Inspire children of all abilities to write incredible stories and broaden their vocabulary.

A web-based resource for teachers, schools and parents that's affordable.

Read why kids should be taught to be storytellers!

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Scribeasy for Families

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The more involved you are in your child’s creativity and studies, the higher their motivation and achievement. Parental support is key. Scribeasy makes it easy for parents to inspire and get involved with their child's writing. 

Reading is knowledge and writing is power

Scribeasy brings a creative and cutting edge writing tool that is child-friendly into the home. You need to try it to appreciate how quickly it inspires children to unlock stories about new places, characters, feelings and sensations. Adaptable and memorable, our learning methods help its users to channel ideas, visualise and re-imagine virtually any topic. It lets children choose and write about the things that they love - from the science of bubbles to a mission in outer space, or create a theme of choice. 

Most importantly, Scribeasy is a way to boost confidence and share and connect with the views and ever-changing perspective of their child.

Scribeasy A PLatform for Schools

An Incredible Teaching And Learning Tool For Every Class

  • Scribeasy has a 5 -Star Teacher recommendation. It's super easy to use and personalise. Its cutting edge tools help students build emotional literacy as well as vocabulary and imagination. 
  • Suitable for elementary, secondary and international schools, each teacher and learner has a` dedicated writing account with personal feedback. It encourages class and peer to peer learning, with story liking and sharing. The workflow enables an inclusive, photo-fun and time-saving method that visualises curriculum topics and well-being themes.  
  • A 15-day free trial, a 15% discount subscription code, and a visual method that never fails to inspire! Reach out to us if you'd like to know more reasons how Scribeasy helps school and teachers.  

Creative Writing Platform for Kids, Families and Communities

Every day, kids uncover new layers of the world around them. 🌎 In these progressive times and a globally competitive job market, there is an increasing pressure on children to perform well in tests and grades.

Scribeasy’s approach for creativity and writing develops not only spelling and grammar but also critical thinking, organisational and communication skills. Our passion is for the most reluctant of writers and those who may otherwise fall behind due to dyslexia, dysgraphia and English as a second language, to achieve. 

We are confident that you will find, like our thousands of other active users, that compared to other language apps, Scribeasy is an imaginative and intuitive way to help children practice their creative thinking, writing and English skills. 

I just want to say how much my son (who was incredibly reluctant to do any writing before) enjoys Scribeasy. I never have to ask him twice to write a story!


Planning, preparing, inspiring, producing, marking and assessing students’ writing is helped with this versatile and original tool. Available on any device with a web-browser, Scribeasy provides a superb service for both teachers and students.

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